What to Pack

Your view of the Wenatchee Valley weather may depend upon your frame of reference. We have four very distinctive seasons, and while the weather here is generally amazing I always tell people that the temperatures here vastly range depending on the time of year. Just to give you an idea of that range, some winters we experience 10 below freezing (-23  Celsius) for a week, while in the summer, we can see temperatures above 110 degrees (43 Celsius) for a week.

Our local tourism marketing boosts our 300 days of sunshine, which most of the time I would agree with. We experience considerably less rainfall compared to Seattle, making our weather notably pleasant for visitors and locals alike.


Our winters are generally mild to cold. Most years the Wenatchee Valley receives snow at some point during the winter but it doesn’t always stick around for long. I recommend dressing in layers, including a sweater, and coat. Due to our northern location, the sunlight hours are very short in winter.


Our summers, meanwhile, are also better than those in most parts of the U.S.. Sunlight extends beyond 9 p.m. The skies are clear. And there is rarely oppressive heat or humidity.

Temperatures are generally comfortable, between 75 and 95 degrees (23-35  Celsius). Summertime in Wenatchee is amazing, with so many great amenities within a drive or walk, of course, the house’s swimming pool, the Columbia River, Lake Chelan, and mountains for hiking make the summer one of my favorite seasons.

Fall & Spring

Fall and spring are quite variable and you are subject to luck. We have worn shorts as early as March, yet there can be days in early June that mirror those in February. Temperatures are usually comfortable, say 40-60 degrees Fahrenheit (4-15 Celsius). Check the weather, dress in layers, and be prepared for anything. 

Other Items

Jeans and sneakers or hiking boots are generally favored over designer handbags and high heels. Bring some sweaters, a sweatshirt, jeans, that windbreaker noted above. In the summer, consider swimsuits for the pool. Don’t forget your sunglasses! Our homes are equipped with hair dryers, irons, and all the kitchen basics.

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