Heating & Cooling

The thermostat is located in the family room, next to the PacMan Arcade Machine.

To help everything run efficiently in the house, we generally suggest that you keep the temperature between 60 degrees and 80 degrees. If you have a specific question about the heating or air conditioning, feel free to text at 509.860.5887

There is a ceiling fan located in both the Kitchen and the Master Bedroom. The controls for the one in the kitchen are located on the wall next to the patio door. The controls for the master bedroom are located just outside the bedroom in the hallway. In addition, there is a fan located in the laundry room cabinet that can be used for additional airflow.

Most of the windows in this house are not meant to be open and do not have screens on the windows. However, there is a screen door located in both the Master Bedroom and Master Bathroom.

The Living Room features an electric fireplace, which can be used as a heat source if needed. You can turn the fireplace on by either using the remote control or the control panel on the top right corner of the fireplace.

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