Getting Yourself Oriented

Overview of the Area

We adore this house’s location for its stunning views and the perfect blend of city convenience with a tranquil countryside ambiance. Situated within a short drive, you’ll find several grocery stores, wineries, diverse dining options, and shopping venues.

A leisurely walk can take you to the nearby gas station along Sunset Highway, while for other shopping needs, a short drive would be more convenient. Additionally, our proximity to the Apple Capital Loop Trail provides easy access to the scenic beauty of the Columbia River, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts seeking picturesque walking trails.

Suggestions if you Arrive Early

If you arrive before check-in, don’t worry – there’s lots to do! Practically speaking, why not visit the grocery store and do a small shop? That will give you more time to relax once you’ve checked in! There are also a few good restaurants for lunch, so you could relax and enjoy some of the local food! You can see our list of favorite local restaurants [here].

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